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About the service: Terms & conditions

I keep all information you give me confidential. I would be grateful not to be given information about ascendants who are still alive. This should not be necessary but if you believe it is essential for any reason, please consult me first.

I work purely online. Not all French regional administrative authorities have digitised all relevant archives. I will let you know at the earliest opportunity if relevant records are not accessible on the web. Since there is no charge upfront, you will never pay for research time that cannot yield results.

Transcripts and translations are informal and provided only for personal use and family tree interest.


I need to have been given or have discovered information accurate enough to find a record. Old records (18th century and earlier) are very inconsistent as to the information they specify. For instance, if a marriage or baptism record gives parents' names but no age or place of birth, I will try to trace them through educated guesswork, using all resources available. But if the search proves fruitless it will be the end of the line I can help with. Sadly I don't have a magic wand! As always, you will not pay for any research time I spend trying to find a record unless I do find it.


Sometimes it is impossible to identify an ancestor with certainty. If there is uncertainty, I will describe in broad terms what evidence I have for a record to concern the correct one. You can then decide whether to purchase the information or not.

About me

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In semi-retirement from a career in Higher Education, I started researching my French family tree and discovered a passion for genealogy. I love research and bring to it skills I developed in the days of my Ph.D. Deciphering old documents is like a game; my long experience in reading students' handwritten essays is an invaluable asset for the task, and I am continually adding further specialist knowledge in that area. In spite of the availability of online advice, I realised it must be a struggle for non-French speakers to work though the variety of French authorities' online systems, then make sense of archaic handwritten documents. Hence the start of this business.

Why I charge for results rather than research time: Research time is dependent on the knowledge and acumen of the researcher. I believe clients should not pay more or less according to my efficiency. With a set fee for specific results, you know exactly what you are paying for.

Why I provide a contact form but no phone or email: To avoid further proliferation of SPAM and junk in my mailbox as well as marketing phone calls. Once you get in touch with me via the contact form with a genuine enquiry, I will respond at the earliest opportunity and you will then have direct contact details.


Any other questions? Just ask.

I also welcome your feedback!

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