Illegitimate ancestors?

Check of source documents

You may have built your French family tree based on information gleaned from other family trees online. Some of these are well documented; unfortunately others are not. Does your own family tree have a solid French branch? or is it grafted on without validation? I'll carry out a check of cited French sources and provide solid references.


Choice of formats:

Provide existing information in the format that suits you best: either a link to your tree online, or any of GedCom, Word, Excel, or other to be agreed.

I search for the digitised documents online, check the validity of the information, then add source information in the appropriate fields of the tree or document.

For each record, I provide:

- a link to the appropriate online resource

- the reference of the register

- the relevant page number of the digitised register

- the reference or exact location of the individual record


£10 per record

£80 for 10 records (e.g. 2 couples' birth, marriage and death records)

Preferred secure method of payment:


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