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Set price solutions - 19th century

2 generations £199
3 generations £399

Based on specific information you give me about the first individual, who will typically have been born late 19th century, I track his/her 2 parents and 4 grandparents (2 generations), and optionally his/her 8 great-grandparents (3 generations). For each individual, you will get access to at least one of their birth or marriage records, enough to justify the legitimacy of the lineage. Death records are not usually required for this purpose but are provided if they are easy to track in the same town as the birth/marriage.

For each record, I provide:

- a link to the appropriate online resource

- the reference of the register

- the relevant page number of the digitised register

- the reference or exact location of the individual record

All dates and places of births/marriages specified in the record will be stated clearly in the report, as well as professions or other salient facts if specified.

(For full transcripts, or summaries or full translations, see the transcripts/translations page.)

Preferred secure method of payment:

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