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Oliver - 19 Jan 2019

I have just been studying your document which has been fascinating. ...Fabulous. Thank you so much for your hard work and for finding so much information,

David - 8 Jan 2019

Ah lovely - thanks very much indeed Chris, I have no idea how you read that weird script, but I am glad you can! ...Even after a quick scan I can see there is some new information I wasn't aware of in there - so I am quite excited! Thanks again for your efforts,

Dick - 20 Nov 2018

Thank you for your report. This does complete the chain of the B... in my tree.

Alexe - 9 Sep 2018

I am completely staggered... I can't let a day pass without saying thank you. As you said, there is huge amounts to assimilate... My sincere gratitude,

Jane - 22 May 2018

Thanks for all the research you have done. I really appreciate the effort you have put in for me.

Gyles - 10 Feb 2018

Thank you very much for your efforts; I am really grateful.

Jacqui - 19 Oct 2017

Thanks so much for all the info... lots to digest!

Pascale - 20 Mar 2017

Thanks so much, that is fantastic news and so interesting too. I'm glad you are translating as I can't make head or tail of it. How fascinating! Many thanks for all your efforts!

Ann - 26 Jan 2020

Wow wonderful I just wish I knew of you over a year ago. Thank you so much.

Robin - 13 Jan 2019

I am very pleased I used you to do this research. I would not have got half the information that you have gleaned. Thanks for your diligence,

Louise - 29 Nov 2018

Many thanks for your email and I totally understand how difficult it is to trace my ancestor. I really appreciate your huge efforts in helping me...

Eric - 16 Oct 2018

Thank you so much for this! ...I truly appreciate your kind assistance,

Al - 25 July 2018

Thank you very much! That all works. And thank you for the extra bits of info!

Ronald - 14 May 2018

Thanks for all your help and understanding. I have already recommended you to a friend who has French connections and is interested in his family history. I will certainly contact you again if I need further help.

Christine - 16 Jan 2018

I have received the family tree and am delighted, many thanks!

Evelyne - 23 Aug 2017

Fantastic! Thank you so much

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