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Stuck on a branch

Stuck on a French branch of your tree?

Lost in French archives?

Tell me what point you have reached, what you know, where you get stuck, and I'll bring expertise and a wide range of resources to locate the correct records and progress up the line of your ancestors in accordance with your brief, for instance:

- father's line only, mother's line only, or both

- all generations back or a specified number

- parents only or brothers and sisters as well for each ancestor

- all records (birth-marriage-death) for a forebear or any one/two of them

- etc.

For each record, I provide:

- a link to the appropriate online resource

- the reference of the register

- the relevant page number of the digitised register

- the reference or exact location of the individual record

All dates and places of births/marriages specified in the record will be stated clearly in the report, as well as professions or other salient facts if specified.

(For full transcripts, or summaries or full translations, see the transcripts/translations page.)


The charge is per record attached to each individual:

- £30 per record if the place and date of the event are known

   (i.e. if specified in another record already found)

- £40 if the place of a 19th century event is known but not the date

- £85 if the place of an event earlier than 19th century is known but not the date

- £130 per record without exact place or date


See set price solutions page for examples

Or use the contact form to ask for a quote

Preferred secure method of payment:

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